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Digital Citizenship


Human trafficking is real, and it can begin online.  Never give personal information to a stranger in a chat room or to a “friend” that you met while playing online games.  You really do not know this person.  If you are aware of trafficking, contact the Human Trafficking Hotline.


I’m always looking for tips to help teens navigate the digital world safely. Please comment with your suggestions.

Here are some tips from around the Internet and from Homer High students.

  1. Do not use social media until you are out of high school.  Don’t even get an account.
  2. Never take a photo of your naked self, and never email or text such a photo to anyone.  It will live forever on the Internet.
  3. Never text while driving.
  4. Never read your phone at all while driving.  Pull over to use your phone.
  5. Don’t use your phone to cheat in class.  Cheating is not cool.
  6. If someone is harassing you via text, email, or app, report it immediately.  If you are not taken seriously, report it to someone else.  Keep reporting until you get help.
  7. Teachers know when you are using your phone in class.