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March Madness is BAAAAAACK!

Wow, it’s been two years.  Finally, some basketball Madness has returned to American life.   Our enemy The COVID has impacted Duke (men’s team) and UConn (women’s team), but the show will go on!

  • All men’s games are available live HERE.
  • Women’s games are available, too, but I’m not sure if they are free.  Check HERE.

If the disparity in game streaming seems to you like the two sexes are not treated equally, you would be correct.  It’s not only televised games though.  This player from Oregon shows us her very sad, wimpy tournament weight room.  The NCAA needs to up its game.

So, any predictions on 2021 champs?  I’m behind the UConn women despite playing the first round without their head coach.  Gonzaga men should take it all if everyone stays healthy.  Change my mind!

UPDATE!  Wow, was I wrong.  Stanford women squeaked out a win for their third national championship under Coach Tara Vanderveer.  Baylor men soundly trounced Gonzaga in a display of men vs. boys; the Baylor Bears were stronger, quicker, and more confident than the Bulldogs.

Also, the women’s weight room was upgraded to an acceptable facility soon after the Oregon player revealed the deplorable initial set-up.

Who will make it to March Madness 2022?

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