Fake News Epidemic

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Fake news is any news which is broadcast or printed by the media that misleads the audience about a specific group, person, or action. The audience can be misled in either a negative or positive way. Fake news happens in two ways: (1) when reporters do not check their facts before releasing their news scoop, and (2) by choosing to “kill” a story –that is, not report on an event even though it is news-worthy and important.


By not checking facts, reporters and editors spread harmful gossip. They harm the reputations of individuals and groups. Some examples of this are “hate” crimes that supposedly occurred in the past year or two but really didn’t. This fake news spreads like wildfire, but the retractions and apologies by the news organization often are so insignificant that the general public is unaware of them. Why do reporters not check their facts before reporting? They often “trust” the source. They often have biases that predispose them to believing something bad about someone or some group they disagree with. Sometimes, they want to see a person or group discredited. They know that once negative news is published, that a person’s or group’s reputation can be damaged beyond repair.


By killing a story, crime and corruption and systemic problems are allowed to continue. An example of that happening right now in the United States, is the seemingly ubiquitous sexual violations being reported out of the entertainment industry. It turns out that the mainstream media knew about these incidents and patterns of behavior yet refused to report on them. So, the news is not only that powerful men in Hollywood and New York have been allowed to continue this gross behavior, but that some news organizations saw their connections to these powerful, wealthy men as more important than honest reporting.


Here are links to just a few examples of Fake News.



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