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Is it time to buy an e-reader?   Hundreds of digital titles are available in the KPBSD Schools Overdrive collection.  Desirable titles are easy to find and easy to download.  Online articles, WORD documents, and PDFs are easy to send to a device for later reading and reference. Maybe it is time.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the highest rated, most popular, and most purchased e-book reader in the USA.    Other eReaders on the market, such as NOOK, are also very nice and easy to use.  All are very affordable.  By saving only $20 each month, you could purchase your own device in a few months.

E-readers are fairly new to the world with the first ones being manufactured in 1998.  They didn’t become very popular, however, because they were large, heavy, expensive, and had a memory that could only store about 10 books.  Like all things digital, that is not the case now.

Remember, eBooks can be read on your computer, so you don’t need a special eReader.  The trouble is when you want to read in the car or in bed or at school.  Your family computer probably can’t go to those places with you.

You may find out more about eReaders here…  NOOK and Kindle.  You are also welcome to “test drive” my personal Kindle Paperwhite in the library any time simply by asking.


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