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Dune movie re-make is on its way!

If you haven’t read Dune by Frank Herbert, you are missing an epic story–epic as in brilliant, well-told, and ageless.  Dune is not only a story.  It is the opening to an unforgettable universe.  You may be thinking, “I wonder if our library has that book.”   What do you think??   If you like adventure and intrigue mixed with sci-fi, Dune is the book for you.

And, why is this book on my mind?  A two-part remake of the movie is in the works with part 1 scheduled for release October 1, 2021.  (The release was originally scheduled for December 18, 2020, but the studio changed the date due to low theater attendance during the COVID pandemic.) Check out these links for more information!

Ultimate Guide To Dune (Part 1) The Introduction

LibraryThing:  Dune

Harper’s Bazaar:  What to Know About Dune (and trailer!)

The Dune Encyclopedia: The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion to Frank Herbert’s Masterpiece of the Imagination Compiled by Willis E. McNelly (708 page PDF!)

IMDB:  Dune

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